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Fair Weather Fans

Posted by Colby Kinser on

The Royals have now been mathematically eliminated from the postseason this year. it was just a couple of years ago this week that tickets were impossible to get, the stadium was full, and the excitement rippled throughout the city. Now, this week, the last week many of our favorite players will don a Royals uniform, tickets are ... ummm ... a bit easier to get your hands on.

Royals fans are typically great fans, and of course the seats are more empty for teams no longer in the hunt. But there is also something called a "fair weather fan."

A fair weather fan is only a fan when the team is doing well. I'm the kind of fan who's a miserable fan when the team is doing poorly, but I'm still a fan. I still follow, still go to games, still put emotional capital into having a runner in scoring position.

As disciples, we need to check one another on being "fair weather followers." It's easy to be enthusiastic about following Jesus when things are going well, when His presence is easier to detect, your time in the Word illuminates life issues, and you have motivation to serve others.

But when the house leaks but the Quiet Time is dry, when our motivation for worldly things exceeds our motivation for spiritual things, and when we feel distant from other followers, it's easy to not show up to the "game" and leave the stadium empty.

A fair weather follower actively follows Jesus when things are going well, but becomes far more passive (or even withdrawn) when life isn't "clicking" in our lives as disciples.

Yes, we have ups and downs. And we can be "miserable" followers when the road is rough, but the main thing is to remain an active follower. Fair weather followers don't bother to show up or follow the "game" when it's rough.

In these cases, the motivation can't be whether or not we "feel like it." That's doomed from the start. Our motivation in this must be that we "need it." We need to follow Christ closely during these times precisely because it's rough, it's not going well, it's not clicking naturally. The rough road is all the more reason to follow despite the fact that the easy motivation is absent.

Rather than "fair weather followers," discipleship is becoming an "all weather follower."

(Image: By Nigel Cox, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=14334026)

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