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Give Every Minute a Job

Posted by Colby Kinser on

We switched the software we use for personal budgeting late last year, and the difference it has made has been surprising. One of the main differences is the philosophy of the whole system. Our old software was a lot like most budgeting programs, but the new software looks at the same need from a different angle.

One of the key ideas of this program and system is "give every dollar a job." Every single dollar that comes in needs a "job." That job may be to pay for electricity or groceries, or to be saved up for a car, or to pay off debt, or even to accumulate for a specific "cash reserve" goal. Rather than just saving what you can, give every single dollar a job.

This one idea has improved how we manage our money, and we're still learning how to take best advantage of this.

So why not look at another resource in the same way? Time. What if we give every minute a job? Those "jobs" may be for work, family time, resting, reading, prayer, and so on. What would change is not so much the kinds of things we do, but the philosophy of how we look at time.

Like money, it's a limited resource. You might get paid every couple of weeks x number of dollars for your work, but we get "paid" 24 hours of time every morning.

We can't track every minute separately, of course, so like dollars, we can budget blocks of minutes by giving them jobs.

Every minute means something - each one is given to us for a reason (even for rest!). Rather than looking at time in the standard way of spending on certain things and trying to save what's left over, or rather than looking at the calendar and fitting things into the timeslots, what if we looked at giving every minute a job?

I can't say that this works, yet. I haven't gone far enough with the idea. So, perhaps this blog entry is a waste of your time, and not a job those minutes should have had! But I do want to make sure I'm looking at time not as the world does, but as God would have me to.

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