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Happy Refugees

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If you're reading with us in our reading plan for 2018 (Walk Through the Bible 365, found on YouVersion at https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/2129-walk-with-god-for-35-days), we read through Psalm 2 this week. It's a great Psalm even in our own time and situation.

The psalm begins by asking why the nations and leaders of those nations rage and plot against God's plans. When the psalm was written, Israel was a theocracy under God's name and was often attacked and threatened from other nations. They wanted to conquer Israel, but God had plans for Israel, so in essence they were plotting against God. They bore His Name, and they wanted to attack, so they knew they were going against the God of Israel.

The Church is not a theocracy, and the US is not the nation of Christ. But we are God's people. We span distance and time, but we are citizens of the same Kingdom, and God has a plan for the Church. And yet, there are those who intentionally or unwittingly plot against God's plans.

The psalm continues by reminding us that God is on the throne on His "holy mountain," and reigns over all kings of all nations. In what becomes a prophecy of the Christ and His followers, God declares His people to be His "Son" - the one He will give His inheritance to, and defeat all enemies in order to do so.

After telling the kings of the world to wisen up, the psalm finishes with "All who take refuge in Him are happy." By means of prophecy, the "Him" we take refuge in is Christ, the Son of God.

We take refuge in Him. In a sense, we're "refugees." And by taking refuge in Him, we can be happy. 

No matter who the opponents of God's people are, no matter what they do, no matter what they threaten, no matter how strong or determined they are, those who take refuge in Christ can be actually, truly, genuinely happy. 

That doesn't mean others can't make it very difficult, dangerous, or deadly for us. But it does mean that by virtue of taking refuge in the Son of God, we can still have happiness. We can rejoice. We don't need to let the threat of others take away our joy.

God will "break them with an iron scepter" (v. 9) one day. May God have mercy and rescue as many of them as possible through our message of forgiveness in Christ.


(image: By SAM Nasim from Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Art, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63543019)

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