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Jesus Wouldn't Vote the Way You Did

Posted by Colby Kinser on

Jesus would not vote the way you did. I'm sure of it. And I don't even know how you voted. Let's just assume for the sake of argument that if Jesus was living in our country in our time and that He would, in fact, go to the polling station on election day. And He wouldn't vote the way you did.

Perhaps He would vote for the same candidates as you did. Perhaps He would vote the same direction on an issue as you did.  But it wouldn't be the same way.

Jesus would vote for different reasons than you. Plus, He would vote based on far more knowledge than you have, knowing everything about every candidate and issue, and knowing everything that will happen in the future.

Our reasons for how we vote are varied … we vote based on ideas about economic prosperity, personal safety, concern for the vulnerable, history, party loyalty, political philosophy, appreciation or disgust for specific candidates, and so on. We often claim to vote for moral reasons, or even claim to vote the way the Bible demands. Or perhaps even HWJV? But even honorable Christians cannot come to a consensus on voting, so perhaps none of us has a perfect voting record.

Jesus’ reasons would not be along moral distinctions, politics, economics, or even about the fate of the vulnerable … not as His controlling factors. He would vote exclusively on God's overarching plan for the human story. That's different than our reasons, no matter how much we insist, because we don't possess complete knowledge of God's intentions for each chapter of the story.

I conclude this based on the people God chose to be in office in the pages of Scripture: pagans, idolators, faithful men and women, backstabbers, liars, adulterers, the wisest man alive and some sorry fools, mass murderers, blasphemers, and children, just to name a few. He put in leaders who betrayed Him, decimated His people, and executed His one and only  Son. Many people I would never vote for. But He is executing a grand plan that is sometimes best played out by putting Pharaohs and Nebuchadnezzars in power.

This not an excuse for us to vote for detestable people while grandstanding on top of the Bible because we won't bend on one of our treasured voting principles. We should still vote using the humblest and most faithful wisdom that we can.

But the only true “Christian vote” is His, not ours. No matter how clear the moral issue might seem, we cannot claim that we're voting as Jesus would have. Because we wouldn't have voted for some of the people He “voted” for. We cannot vote as an act of self-righteousness. All we can do is vote in personal surrender to the whole counsel of Scripture.

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