4 Myths about Disciplemaking

04.25.18 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by Michael Stewart

4 Myths about Disciplemaking

    Michael "Stew" Steward of the Verge Network describes 4 myths about disciplemaking

    Myth #1: Disciplemaking will just take care of itself.

    Do you sometimes think that we can make disciples without changing anything in our daily lives; that as we go about doing our own thing that new disciples will be made and multiplied?

    Myth #2: Effective disciplemaking will come naturally.

    Are your disciplemaking efforts really just dreams and aspirations, and not efforts backed by a well-engineered plan? Do you have a well-structured blueprint for effective disciplemaking?

    Myth #3: Disciplemaking doesn't really require any training.

    Maybe you’ve bought into the myth that effective disciplemaking will happen without any training or education.

    Myth #4: I'm not capable.

    Have you convinced yourself of the myth that you aren’t capable for some reason - lack of experience, lack of skill, etc.—of making and multiplying disciples?