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Universalism on Trial

09.13.18 | Good Reads | by Michael McClymond

    Click on the link below to read a book review of McClymond's work dismantling the doctrine of Universalism (the doctrine that says everyone will eventually be eternally saved).

    Where do we go from here?

    07.18.18 | Good Reads | by Greg Strand

      Greg Strand and Alex Mandes talk about next steps after the EFCA theology conference on compassion and justice. Click on the link below to read this dialog from two perspectives.

      Evangelical History in Black and White

      06.20.18 | Good Reads | by Douglas Sweeney

        Douglas Sweeney writes for the EFCA on the history of racial issues in the American Evangelical church. It's a hard, fair look at a tough problem. This is part 1 of a series. Click on the link below to read Part 1 and find the link to Part 2.