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Gen Z and Morality

10.10.18 | Reaching Out | by Barna Research

    Barna Research just released survey data on morality and the various generations. Reading this helps us to know how to reach the lost. Click on the link below to read more.

    Immigration and “Zero-Tolerance”

    07.10.18 | Reaching Out | by Greg Strand

      Greg Strand, the executive director of theology and credentialing for the EFCA, brings some light to a very difficult, current issue. Click the link below to read more. Also note the voices of disagreement in the comments. This is a complex issue...

      Agua Viva

      11.29.17 | Reaching Out | by Colby Kinser

        Agua Viva is an organization based in KC that installs water filtration systems and empowers women around the world. They will be installing a system at one of the orphanages in Kenya that we've supported. Follow the link below to see a video...

        CarePortal stories

        09.20.17 | Reaching Out | by Care Portal

          CarePortal (by the GO Project) has several stories about how the portal is connecting people together in their own neighborhoods. Click on the link to see their latest.