Be Alert, Wake Up, the Devil Has No Mercy

Be Alert, Wake Up, the Devil Has No Mercy

May 13, 2018

Passage: Acts 20:4-14

Preacher: Pastor Benard Ondiek


Alertness in the reality of a true spiritual battle


Our guest speaker, Pastor Benard Ondiek, is the Associate Bishop of Nyanza Province in Kenya with the African Inland Church. He founded two orphanages in Western Kenya & the Ahero Evangelical School of Theology. He serves as the pastor of Arina AIC in Kisumu. GF has sent three teams to Kenya to work alongside Pastor Benard and his teams. He is married to Pamela, and they have raised 5 biological children and several adopted children. GF also knows him as "Bertha's dad." Pastor Benard will speak on being spiritually aware (notes).