Real Life WITH God Pt. 2

Real Life WITH God Pt. 2

Jul 09, 2017

Passage: John 15:1-8

Preacher: Dr. Colby E. Kinser

Series: WITH


We continue our 12-part series called “WITH”, continuing to look at how to life real live WITH God.



Read John 15:1-8. What kinds of things have fostered true intimacy with Christ for you? What can you do to increase those practices?

With your family:

Reinforce with your children what strengths they have (perhaps even by doing them), and then show how that strength can be a unique way to build their relationships with Christ. Example, a child who is good at drawing can draw things from a passage of Scripture and then pray about it. Or even draw the prayer request itself.

With your small group:


  • What stands out to you in these verses? Why?
  • What bothers you about these verses? Why?
  • Discuss the self-reflection question above.
  • Discuss ways that other people foster intimacy with Christ and then as a group, give them a try (even for those who are weak in that area). That helps us to expand the ways we interact with Jesus.
  • Given this passage, what should you do this week?