Soli Deo Gloria - The 5 Solas of the Reformation

Soli Deo Gloria - The 5 Solas of the Reformation

Oct 29, 2017

Passage: Revelation 4:2-11

Preacher: Stephen Reitz

Series: 5 Solas


Throughout history men and women have been called by God to a greater understanding of plan of redemption and sanctification. The Reformation was God working through the lives of men and women to display God's glory as His plan of redemption is made known to the masses in their own language. "God is glorified not only by His glory’s being seen, but by its being rejoiced in. When those that see it delight in it, God is more glorified than if they only see it." - Jonathan Edwards



Read Revelation 4:2-11. How do you respond to the idea of “glorifying God forever”? How have we inadequately envisioned what that might be like?

With your family:

Take your kids to a tree or other natural item. Ask who made it. Then ask how God would feel if we started saying that we made it, that we told our neighbors and our friends that we (or I) made that tree. Talk about God’s feelings about that. Then explain that we would be taking some of the glory that belongs to God. Connect that to life by saying that this is true about all good things.

With your small group:


  • What stands out to you in these verses? Why?
  • What bothers you about these verses? Why?
  • Discuss the self-reflection question above.
  • Why does God want to be the recipient of all glory?
  • What does taking some of God’s glory say about our belief and trust in Him?
  • Given this passage, what should you do this week?