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Being a Servant of God

Posted by Cliff Coss on

122a    Be surety for Your servant for good; …
124      Deal with Your servant according to Your lovingkindness
And teach me Your statutes.
125      I am Your servant; give me understanding,
That I may know Your testimonies.
Ps 119:122–125 NASB 1995
Three times in the space of four verses the psalmist identifies himself as a servant of God in three different prayer requests.  What is it that makes the psalmist claim to be God's servant so interesting?

In verse 122 the psalmist asks God to be his surety. That is the psalmist asks God to guarantee the payment of any debts that he has incurred and cannot repay.  This is exactly what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for each of us, who claim Christ as our savior.  Through our sin each of us has incurred debts that we cannot repay. Through His death and resurrection He has guaranteed the payment of those debts for us.  (Another thing making this verse interesting is that, it is one of only two verses in Psalm 119 that contains no reference to God's word.)

In Verse 124 the psalmist asks God to deal with him according to His lovingkindness. How interesting that this is exactly how our Lord Jesus Christ treats each of us who turn to Him and asks for forgiveness of sins.  He does not judge us according to justice rather He extends mercy, faithful love, and an undeserved renewal of our spirit.

In Verse 125 the psalmist asks for understanding so that he can know God's testimonies. The psalmist is not content with just knowing God as his redeemer and is merciful towards him.   Now, he boldly asks God for a deeper understanding of His word and how He works and thinks.

Let us approach God as His servants, who need redemption, mercy, lovingkindness and a deeper understanding of how He operates.


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