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The Good News of God's Righteousness

Posted by Cliff Coss on

Righteous are You, O LORD, And upright are Your judgments. You have commanded Your testimonies in righteousness and exceeding faithfulness. - NASB 1995 Update, Ps 119:137-138.

The psalmist begins by ascribing righteousness to God.  God's actions, words, plans, thoughts and ways are always just, upright, truthful, and faithful to His word. In other words He is righteous.  This character trait is much a part of Him as is the character trait that God is love and God is holy.  Just as all God's words, actions and attitudes are done with love, so they are also done with righteousness.  The scriptures tell us that God's righteousness is eternal leading Him to make just and impartial judgments,  to take righteous actions, to rule with righteousness and justice.  Therefore, sins against Him cannot be ignored or just brushed aside instead, the penalty incurred by sin must be paid.

The psalmist then identifies God as his Lord!  This assertion means that he is living under God's righteousness just as much as under God's love. What a fearful thing it is to make this statement because no man is righteous in his own right and all of our good works are filthy rags.

Next, the psalmist notes that God's spoken words are upright thus reflecting His very nature.  God speaks and does only what is righteous with no hint of mistakes, deceit or trickery (Num 23:19).  God has no need to repent, or lie, or deceive in order to carry out His will.

Finally, the psalmist realizes that God is exceedingly faithful to His Word.  Not a letter of it will be unfulfilled!  Wow, ponder on this for a while, that every word God has given expresses His righteousness. What a marvelous tool for learning, teaching, and guidance for living our lives. But greater than this is that in His righteousness and love together, we find the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ. 

In His righteousness we see our inability to be righteous in God's sight. In God's love He provided a way for us, through Jesus Christ, to escape from the penalty of our unrighteous sin and enter into an eternal relationship with God.

If you have not yet yielded to God's righteousness and love then do so now.  Tell God of your sin, thank Him that out of God's love, Jesus Christ paid your penalty, and  ask God to make you a new man by the work of God's Spirit.

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