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Hard Work and the Good Life

03.10.21 | by Christine Jeske

    Christine Jeske is a professor at Wheaton College and has written several books.  Her article, "Hard Work and the Good Life," examines the "work hard - life improves" narrative in America, particularly during the pandemic of...

    Reviving Intellectual Hospitality

    03.04.21 | Apologetics | by Cherie Harder

      Cherie Harder writes for "Comment Magazine" on the idea of "intellectual hospitality," which brings the biblical idea of hospitality into the charged and divisive environment of our cultural dialog. Click on the link below to...

      Science for the Church

      02.18.21 | Apologetics | by Colby Kinser

        "Science for the Church" is a website that is "cultivating a stronger church through meaningful dialogue with mainstream science." There is no "science vs. faith," and this website will help equip you to engage the...

        Stuck in the Present

        02.10.21 | History | by David Moore

          One of my favorite writers and friend is David Moore, whose new book "Stuck in the Present: How history frees and forms Christians" has just come out. The tagline: "While the Bible is enough to take us to heaven, knowing history...

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