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David Moore Interviews

11.23.20 | Apologetics | by David Moore

    Scot McKnight's blog "Jesus Creed" features a friend of Pastor Colby, David Moore, interviewing Carl Trueman, author of "The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self" on the contrast between the biblical and modern views of the...

    The Priestly Garments

    11.19.20 | Biblical world | by Bruce West

      Bruce West found this interesting video about the priestly garments, which relates to the passage we'll be covering in Sunday's message. Click on the link below to watch this video (just over 7 minutes long).

      For God's Sake, Rest!

      11.12.20 | Good Reads | by Jim Anderson

        Jim Anderson previously pastored Grace Fellowship Church. He has also written a book on Sabbath rest which would be a particularly good read in the wearying times we find ourselves lately. Click on the link below to read more about the book.

        Jesus in All of Exodus

        11.05.20 | Biblical Study | by David Bowden

          We've been going through Exodus in our sermon series. David Bowden has several short videos looking at how Christ shows up in the book of Exodus. Click on the link below to see the series in RightNow Media.

          The Just Church

          10.28.20 | Lifestyle Discipleship | by Jim Martin

            While looking at ways to deepen our outreach, Jason M (our Deacon of Outreach) and I are reading through a book by Jim Martin called, "The Just Church: Becoming a Risk-Taking, Justice-Seeking, Disciple-Making Congregation." It offers...

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